The Kurendas

The Kurendas, Inspired by the exquisite pottery they saw while on a 6 month European holiday, Rusty Kurenda went on to take throwing classes during the winter of 1972 and attended the Summer School of the Arts, Ft. San in summer of 1973. She opened Prairie Pottery in January of 1974, and Ron joined her within a few months and he began to learn the pottery arts.

The Kurendas operated their shop in downtown Saskatoon for 35 years where they represented about 50 pottery artists. Now semi-retired, Ron & Rusty are proud to be part of the Clay Studio Three artists’ co-operative.

Over the past several decades they have attended workshops and seminars by many internationally known artists including Joe Fafard, Carlton Ball, Daniel Rhodes, Robin Hopper, Sue Hopper, Bill Shinn, John Chalke, and others . Together, the Kurenda’s take pride in creating lovely functional pieces which are a joy to own, a pleasure to use and a tasteful gift to give others. It is with great attention to detail & design that Ron & Rusty carefully handcraft each distinctive piece. They believe it a privilege to share their work with others, knowing that those pottery pieces often become a treasured part of a day to day family life and joyous gatherings of family and friends.

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